When “some day” becomes …


How does a momma bird do it? Regurgitate (gotta love that word!) her own nourishment into her hatchling’s begging mouth and then cast her baby from the safety of the nest — out into the big scary world … to possibly crash-land right into the ground and/or be devoured by a hungry coyote? Ack!

Well, it’s a miracle any of us ever let go of anything we hold precious, especially if we’ve vested a considerable amount of time, effort and emotion. Things like people, sweatshirts … books (maybe titled “Windows to the Soul” we’ve spent 30 years wWTTS_CoverWPriting).

Like the big warm cotton hug we depend on from that limp, cozy sweatshirt, a budding book can feel pretty comfy on rainy Saturday mornings, accompanied by a mug of steaming coffee and emerging ideas that we’re sure will take the work to the next level.

Intellectually we understand some day we’ll move on … giving our beloved sweatshirt to the thrift store and, if we’re lucky, sending someone our precious manuscript to critique. Oh, but when that day comes, we feel so vulnerable! 

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