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Windows to the Soul The BLOG, like the novel, explores miracles, birth, death, love, loss and forgiveness– the transcending nature of the human condition! Example …

Irish Hart poses a question in Chapter Four of Windows to the Soul. “Wouldn’t you agree the fact a shooting star can be viewed with the naked eye is nothing short of a miracle? The phenomenon, after all, appears for about a millisecond, hundreds of miles overhead in cosmic darkness, and out of the seven billion people on Earth, the observer catches a lucky glimpse. Sheer joy.”

Might one also agree it’s nothing short of a miracle that on a routine walk through the neighborhood, a 39-year-young woman hears a male voice cry, “She’s dead!” Stopping to see who spoke, she confirms she alone occupies the sidewalk. She walks a bit further and hears (channels?) a young couple’s story and that of a prisoner. She shivers and pulls her jacket collar around her neck and heads for home, her gait increasing until she reaches her back door and marches to her computer where she outlines the essence of the saga and hits save.

She leans back into her chair. She’s not a novelist, just a struggling songwriter–and lyrics aren’t even her strong suit! But she promises one day she’ll do right by the characters.

Fast-forward 30 years. The young couple, Gabriel and Irish Hart, and the prisoner, Cooder Ward, have waited patiently until the writer was ready. And the miracle is their story has become a published novel for all to read. 

A novel born out of and about the transcending nature of the human condition–all nothing short of a miracle.

Windows to the Soul, The BLOG, is the continuing story of the soul-searching we all do every day … and the miracles among us.

“Windows to the Soul,” a novel by Diana Black from Vabella Publishing: An extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary man, Gabriel Hart–a grieving young father and widower–and the untold ways hope, loyalty and forgiveness are tested to the limit. 

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A Closer Look Into Windows to the Soul Book Club Discussion Points, but SPOILER ALERT! Check out the discussion document after you read the novel if you don’t want to learn too much about the plot and/or characters!

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