Hmmm. I can’t remember …

did I throw the loose deck of cards at my sister or did she throw them at me?!

It was, after all, more than half a century ago.

My sister and I’ve laughed about it a million times over the years. All 52 playing cards Sandy&meReadingstayed intact until they hit my face…or was it her face? Anyway, it was hysterical!

What I do remember is that I was being a big pain in the butt to my big sister. I did that a lot when we were kids… like the time I sneaked around the corner of the house and into the backseat of her date’s car while he called for her at the front door. (Don’t know why they didn’t want me go to the drive-in with them.)

Yep, that’s how some little sisters are. And some big sisters, like Sandy Richert Walts, are irreplaceable female influences.


Fearless; loyal; beautiful; intelligent; funny; gracious; creative; hardworking…face it, she’s amazing; and she’s my sister.


So when I recently got my three-decades-in-the-writing novel published, and my big sister read it, and was pleased with the results of my efforts and asked how I felt about it,  I replied, “Relieved it has my sister’s blessing.”


Yep, the deck of cards caper is a bit fuzzy in my mind, but one childhood memory remains clear–Sandy’s high school GPA garnered her special recognition. I was in early middle school and didn’t know what it meant, but the term “National Honor Society” sure sounded important.

The day I donned a gold cord at my own commencement, you know why it mattered to me to graduate with honors? After all of our bickering and me being a creepy little kid most of the time (and miraculously Sandy never killed me!),  I’d followed in my big sister’s footsteps … and might have her blessing.

Guess you never outgrow something as special as that or someone as special as my sister … and what a blessing that is.


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