When “some day” becomes …


How does a momma bird do it? Regurgitate (gotta love that word!) her own nourishment into her hatchling’s begging mouth and then cast her baby from the safety of the nest — out into the big scary world … to possibly crash-land right into the ground and/or be devoured by a hungry coyote? Ack!

Well, it’s a miracle any of us ever let go of anything we hold precious, especially if we’ve vested a considerable amount of time, effort and emotion. Things like people, sweatshirts … books (maybe titled “Windows to the Soul” we’ve spent 30 years wWTTS_CoverWPriting).

Like the big warm cotton hug we depend on from that limp, cozy sweatshirt, a budding book can feel pretty comfy on rainy Saturday mornings, accompanied by a mug of steaming coffee and emerging ideas that we’re sure will take the work to the next level.

Intellectually we understand some day we’ll move on … giving our beloved sweatshirt to the thrift store and, if we’re lucky, sending someone our precious manuscript to critique. Oh, but when that day comes, we feel so vulnerable! 

That sweatshirt got us through countless fat days and “An Affair to Remember” like a thousand times. That book exorcised from our soul decades of rewrites and character arcs.

We’re not ready! We feel like we’re abandoning both. Deep breath … Or have we finally outgrown our need to hold on to either for even one more day?

Momma bird gets it. She loves her fledgling; therefore, she must let it go. After all, her offspring would look pretty goofy all grown up, squeezed into that tiny nest with its big ole beak agape imploring, FEED ME!

“Windows to the Soul,” a novel by Diana Black from Vabella Publishing:  An extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary man, Gabriel Hart–a grieving young father and widower–and the untold ways hope, loyalty and forgiveness are tested to the limit.  Buy: Amazon and Barnes&Noble

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