That moment when …

you see yourself through another’s eyes.

Echo Montgomery Garrettauthor of My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey to Radical Change, generously agreed to read my manuscript, Windows to the Soul, and offeredEchoGarrett the following quote.

“A haunting tale. Diana Black has spun a tightly woven, suspenseful story with unforgettable characters whose actions cause us to do our own soul-searching about the afterlife, love, promises we make, grief and—one of the highest callings of all—forgiveness.”

WTTS_CoverWPI’d done all that? I was just thrilled to have taken my story from two words (“She’s dead!”) to 15,000 to 27K and finally to over 50,000 — enough for a novel!

My dear friend and fellow author had seen more to my accomplishment than I had.

How fortunate there’s the view we have of ourselves and our achievements and the view others have of us, and that all are valid and potential windows to our soul.

So here’s to a soulful BLOG that encourages us to pull back the curtains, throw open the sash and peer into our very own wonderous soul!

A BLOG to help us better understand our friends, family, colleagues, dare we say even strangers, by taking every opportunity to look each other in the eye. (Did you know that during a toast the majority of people stare at their glass and not into another’s eyes? Notice next time …)

Join me on this joyful journey and offer your own soul-searching thoughts and ideas.

I know… kind of airy-fairy. But, consider this …

 “If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” — Maya Angelou 


“Windows to the Soul,” a novel by Diana Black from Vabella Publishing:  An extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary man, Gabriel Hart–a grieving young father and widower–and the untold ways hope, loyalty and forgiveness are tested to the limit. Buy: Amazon and Barnes&Noble    A_instagram_resized Instagram  A_twitter_resized Twitter


About The BLOG and The BOOK

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One thought on “That moment when …

  1. I loved your novel. Ever since we met at Kathy Murphy’s Girlfriend Weekend in January 2011, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. You feel deeply and love hard. Thank you for weaving such a gripping tale to evokes deep thought and a deeper emotions.


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